Morningside Montessori School

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Morningside Montessori School's Mission

Morningside Montessori School provides families with a convenient alternative for toddler and preschool childcare that promotes a child's individual development.

The prepared environment within the classrooms at MMS provides the children with carefully planned, enriched and stimulating experiences based on the scientific studies of Dr. Maria Montessori. MMS programs support the natural growth and development of every individual child by providing them with the tools to build their:

  • self-confidence
  • concentration
  • curiosity
  • initiative
  • inner security
  • order
  • and, most importantly, the love of learning.

Professionally trained Montessori teachers and RECE staff who envision and understand the development continuum and individual potential of each child. Morningside Montessori School recognizes that the education of a child is more fully supported when the parent is involved and interested. We are also a school that is dedicated to educating the parents and the community about the psychology of learning and the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. This is provided through our open invitation to be involved with Montessori education evenings, prepared literature, guided tours and observations of the school during and after operating hours.

Morningside Montessori fosters and encourages respect for world diversity. We are a school that promotes a strong responsibility toward peaceful humanity and care of our planet earth! In doing so, the children will see themselves as contributing members of their families, their school, their community and their world.

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