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Parent testimonials about Morningside Montessori:

"We like the best the positive learning environment, engaging sensory skills to build a strong foundation. We are happy with our experience at Morningside Montessori School! We have met wonderful families and teachers. Morningside has had a big impact on our child's development. She has gained confidence and independence in her skills along with respect for others. We feel this will help prepare her to acheive her future goals in life. For this we are grateful. Thank you!-Paula and Mark 2015

"I love how everyone is so freindly and accomodating. My child loves it there and I can see an improvement in her skills (after only being there for a short time.)"-Mom 2015

"We like the structure and the (low) ratio of teachers to children. We are happy with our daughter's development. Glad she is socializing well with freinds and teachers.-Flav and Laura 2015

"Love that the teachers show the children; and the children to children (assistance.)
"Our child has learned so much in these two years at Morningside Montessori School!"
"Since we first visited the school, my husband and I felt that this school, the environment and the teachers are the best thing that could happen to us: very loving teachers, very clean/spotless environment, very organized, delicious smelling food, clean children, unbelievably quiet during class and all the children are busy!" - Melanie and Daniel 2015

"The individual attention my son receives is supurb! Whether it is helping him to overcome a challenge, attempt a new activity, or to soar above his capabilities, he always feels secure and respected. I truely appreciate the tailoring of learning that my son's teachers have each undertaken to ensure his success and happiness."-Beatrice 2015

"A structured, consistent environment. The teachers/staff are genuine & caring. We feel very safe and secure entrusting you with our child."-Troye & Adam. 2015

"From the very beginning we, and more importantly Theo, have felt comfortable and at home at Morningside. The affection and enthusiasm with which Mrs. O'Rourke and the Robbs treat Theo is obvious in everything they do. Since Theo has been attending Morningside we've seen his confidence and independence grow in leaps and bounds. It seems every day he learns a new skill, or a new word. The skills and the concentration that he is learning are providing him with an incredible foundation to build upon as he grows up. We have no doubt that in the years to come we will view his time at Morningside as instrumental in making him who he will become."
"In truth, we could sing the praises of the Montessori program at Morningside forever, but ultimately, the joy with which Theo runs into the classroom every morning is the greatest testament to the teachers and the school that we could give."
Jen, Mike and Theo - 2014

There are so many wonderful things I can say about my son's experience with Mrs. Robb in the Montessori Program. However, most inspiring is Mrs. Robb's ability to bring out and nourish my son's authenticity, while empowering him to make positive choices. Also remarkable, is the high level of respect and patience given to my son by her. Consistantly Mrs. Robb took the time to "really" listen and talk to my son and appreciate his individuality. I can honestly say that he emerged from the program with a solid start and I could have not asked for a better teacher to trust my child with. - Tina - 2013

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