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MMS Toddler Environment - 16 Months to 30 Months

The Morningside Montessori Toddler Environment is set up in a manner to educate the whole child. Toddlers are sensorial learners that individually learn about their world through experiences.

The goals of our toddler program are:

  • Independence
  • Personal Care

  • Movement

  • Language

  • Social skills

In a toddler environment, the children are free to manipulate and explore with the materials. The child's interest in taking care of themselves is followed in daily activities such as changing shoes for outdoor play, washing hands and face after meals, toileting and getting dressed.

We work to help create a gentle parting from the adults in their lives to caring, attentive teachers as this may be a child's first time away from their parents or caregivers. Building a secure bond and attachment with our students is critical to their growth and participation within the classroom environment. When a child feels secure and safe, they will reach out and explore on their own.

Toddlers are in the acquisition stage of language and need sensorial experience with real objects paired with language in order to make cognitive connections. Many interesting language activities promote their language development such as singing, stories, finger-plays, and passing around real objects while stimulating outspoken language.

Simple sensorial experiences that respond to the toddlers urge to use all their senses are planned into their day. These might include cooking, crafts, baking, water or sensory bins. Toddlers are learning how to interact with their peers and be a member of a group. They rely on the adults in the environment to model appropriate behaviour, good manners and consideration of others. Our freedom to explore is always paired with respect for each other, respect for ourselves and respect for our environment. The Montessori Toddler environment encourages and allows for independence, purposeful activity focusing on building language and positive experiences, participation and exploration within our family community.

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